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What is the Spinifex Network?

The Rural Health and Medical Research Network – the Spinifex Network – is a consortium and coalition of more than 50 rural and regional health organisations that have joined forces to address the paucity of funding for rural medical research.

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What we do and why

Thirty per cent of Australians live in rural, regional & remote Australia, but have substantially poorer physical & mental health than those in cities. People living in rural, regional & remote locations deserve better health.

Spinifex will address these inequities through a range of activities, including lobbying for dedicated funding for rural health & medical research; connecting rural health researchers; and participating in national discussions about issues that concern our communities.

People living in rural, regional and remote locations deserve better health. 

We will be rigorous, and use creative and non-traditional research approaches to improve health outcomes for these Australians.

Our strength is in our rural roots, our will to collaborate and make change happen.

Spinifex, where it grows in the desert and near the coast, is a symbol of resilience. It can withstand storms, winds and king tides. It has deep roots, it resists drought and stabilises the earth.

– a collective statement of purpose and intent for the Spinifex Network, endorsed by participants at the Spinifex Symposium, Alice Springs, November 13, 2019.

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