Australia is a huge country but WA is our largest State (33% of our landmass) and it was great to find time to visit. As well as giving a lecture on the Spinifex Network and being introduced to some great WA researchers, I participated in some terrific meetings with WA Country Health Service, Western Australian Health Translation Network, Telethon Kids, WA Primary Health Alliance and Rural Health West. The West Australian Centre for Rural Health displayed incredible hospitality. The visit confirmed many shared challenges in rural health and health delivery between in Eastern and Western Australia. However, hearing about WA issues, such as those related to remoteness and isolated communities (including mining) reinforced the Spinifex view that those deeply involved in rural service delivery should be leading or co-leading research for their locations. WA service providers and researchers are putting lots of energy into innovative solutions. We hope many will become active members of Spinifex in the future.