Operations & Governance


Spinifex Network Steering Committee

Professor Warren Payne

Executive Director, Western Alliance Health Research

Sarah is the Convenor of the Clinical Leadership Group for the Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre, an NHMRC accredited Centre for Innovation in Regional Health.

Professor Sarah Larkins

Co-Convenor, Spinifex Network,
Director, Research Development
DTHM, James Cook University
Convenor, Clinical Leadership Group
Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre

Dr Leisa McCarthy

Co-Convenor, Spinifex Network,
Executive Director, Central Australia Academic Health Science Network

Professor Robyn Aitken

Deputy Dean Rural and Remote Health, Flinders University

Mr David Bunker

Executive Director, Diamantina Health Partners

Associate Professor Tony Barnett

University of Tasmania

Ms Claire Bekema

Pharmacy Workforce Advisor, Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Professor Alan Cass

Director, Menzies School of Health Research

Dr Lou Conway

Director, University of New England SMART Region Incubator

Mr Brendon Douglas

Vice Chancellors’ Fellow, Innovative Research Universities

Dr Marianne Gillam

Research Fellow, University of South Australia

Dr Rebecca Haddock

Director, Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research

Dr Mitch Hartman

Executive Officer, Strategic Initiatives, Telethon Kids Institute

Dr Vivian Isaac

Flinders Rural Health SA, Flinders University

Professor Jonathan Karnon

FHMRI Deputy Director, Flinders University

Mr Richard Kingsford

Rural & Indigenous Policy Officer, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Ms Wendy Keech

 Chief Executive Officer, Health Translation SA

Professor Jennifer May

 Director of Rural Health, University of Newcastle

Dr Lisa McFayden

Interim Director, NSW Regional Health Partners

Dr Alice Munro

 Director of Research, Western NSW LHD

Dr Gabrielle O’Kane

Chief Executive Officer, National Rural Health Alliance

Dr Belinda O’Sullivan

Research Fellow, Rural Clinical School, University of Queensland

Associate Professor

Sonya Osborne

School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Southern Queensland

Professor Christine Phillips

Medical School, Australian National University

Associate Professor

Jane Quinn

A/Prof in Veterinary Physiology, Charles Sturt University

Professor Suzanne Robinson

Theme Leader for Health Systems and Health Economics, Curtin University

Ms Michelle Rothwell

 Rural Advisor, Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

Professor Timothy Skinner

Director, University Department Rural Health, La Trobe University

Professor Anthony Smith

 Centre for Health Services Research, University of QLD

Dr Olutoyin Sowole

Visiting Scholar, UTS

Ms Anne Steele

Department of Health, Western Australia

Professor Sandra Thompson

Director, Western Australian Centre for Rural Health

Associate Professor Vincent Versace

Director, Deakin Rural Health, Deakin University

Professor John Wakerman

Professor of Remote and Rural Health Services Research, Menzies School of Health Research

Professor Kim Usher

Professor of Nursing in the School of Health, University of New England

Spinifex Network Operational Committee:

Professor Warren Payne

Professor Sarah Larkins

Dr Leisa McCarthy

Dr Lisa McFayden

Professor Jennifer May

Dr Lou Conway

Ms Anne Steele

Professor Kim Usher

Spinifex Network Governance Sub-Committee:

Chair: Professor Warren Payne

Dr Gabrielle O’Kane

Professor Sarah Larkins

Associate Professor Jane Quinn

Past Co-Convenors

Christine is Director of NSW Regional Health Partners, an NHMRC accredited Centre for Innovation in Regional Health.

Professor Christine Jorm

Past Co-Convenor, Spinifex Network, Director, NSW Regional Health Partners

Chips is Executive Director of the Central Australian Academic Health Science Network, an NHMRC accredited Centre for Innovation in Regional Health.

Mr Chips Mackinolty

Past Co-Convenor, Spinifex Network, Executive Director, Central Australia Academic Health Science Network