Nomination of topics and expressions of interest to conduct Rapid Review have now closed. 

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While it is agreed that different models of healthcare and approaches to prevention are needed in rural Australia to deal with delivery, access, cost, capability and capacity challenges, the historic lack of funding for rural health and medical research means that there is little evidence to guide Australian health services and policymakers about what works to improve rural health. 

In November 2019 the Spinifex Network was established by and for organisations working actively in, or supporting, the improvement of rural health through research. Research priorities of the Network are implementation-oriented, focusing on:

  • Improving access to healthcare that meets the needs of rural communities, through technology, workforce and innovative care delivery; and
  • Supporting sustainable rural communities by identifying, measuring and responding to the unique health challenges of place (including social, economic, ecological, and demographic factors).

While members agree that dedicated and increased funding for rural health and medical research is needed, the Network is solution-focused.

To this aim, the Rapid Review Sub Committee of the Spinifex Network (SNRRSC) will commission, co-ordinate and fund the production of 10 rapid reviews setting out the evidence on priority topics in rural health. The call is now open for nominations for topics.

Rapid reviews provide a focused and purpose-driven summary of the current and relevant research evidence for a defined question to provide key stakeholders and policy-makers with timely information on the state of the science to inform policy and practice decisions.

Only Spinifex Network members are eligible to nominate a topic for rapid review.

If you are unsure whether your organisation is a member, see the Spinifex Network Infographic

Yes, you may nominate as many topics as you think appropriate.

The Spinifex Network Rapid Review Sub-committee are currently assessing EOIs to proceed to Rapid Review. Next steps are set out in the following timeline. 

TIMELINE V9 – 16.04.2020 DP Webiste 20200508

Snapshots of all reviews will be published on the Spinifex Network website and used to inform policy and practice. Selected reviews from those commissioned will be collated and published in a special edition of a refereed journal. For those reviews that are not included in the special edition, review authors may submit their reviews for publication in a journal of their choice in addition to them being made available on the Spinifex Network website.

Review team members will establish and retain authorship in accordance with ICMJE author guidelines.

The Spinifex Network will pay $12,000 for each Rapid review commissioned. There will be contractual obligations tied to this payment. More details will be provided on the Spinifex Network Website when funding conditions are finalised.

If you have any other questions, please contact the SNRRSC Representative:

Dr Donella Piper

Email: donella.piper@health.nsw.gov.au 

Mobile: 0402 444 634

Complete and submit the nomination of topic form below by the 5th April closing date.

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